Thursday, 10 May 2018

the Lost Pirate!

Over the next couple of weeks, Nursery and Reception are going to be exploring Pirates!

On Tuesday morning, a message in a bottle was left in the Reception classroom.

The message was from a Pirate. He had gotten lost because he couldn't find his treasure map and he needed our help!

After reading lots of clues, we managed to find it for him and as a reward he sent us some treasure! Unfortunately though, in true Pirate style,  he didn't tell us where and only left us a treasure map!

We used the map to solve the clues and and find the hidden treasure!

We then had lots of fun creating our own treasure maps and writing our own clues for our teachers and friends!

Monday, 23 April 2018

New arrivals!

It has been a very exciting week in Foundation Stage! We are now the proud owners of 8 beautiful chicks. The children loved watching the eggs hatch and are taking good care of the new arrivals.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

People who help us

This term our topic is going to be 'people who help us'. We will be looking at the different jobs people do and how they help us in our community.

Today we had a very exciting visit from the Firefighters! We learnt how to keep safe in the event of a fire and we even got a chance to explore the fire engine and hear its big, loud siren!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

This week a spaceship landed in Foundation Stage's playground!

We talked about who it might be? Why they were there? and what did they want? We also made predictions about what the alien might've looked like. 

We then found a book called BEEGU. In the story, there was an alien named BEEGU and her spaceship had crashed into Earth! BEEGU couldn't speak our language so we sent her letters filled with phonic sounds to help her. We also used the junk modelling area to build her a new spaceship!

We have been doing lots of other space themed activities. We made aliens from play dough, made spaceship cupcakes and have even explored what happened when we poured water onto a bath bomb planet!

Outside we have been doing super mark making....




and have enjoyed playing lots of games! 

This week Reception took part in Junior Chef. They all really enjoyed chopping up thier ingrediants to make their delicious rice salad!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Zog and the Flying Doctors

This week Recpetion have been acting out the story 'Zog and the Flying doctors'. We have been using puppets to retell the story and they have had lots fun replacing the character Zog with their own creatures that they have made! 

We also made a friendship web, the children had to pass the wool to one of their friends and say why they are a good friend. The children worked as a team and we talked about how important it is to work together.